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What yoga means to me!


Since achieving my 200 hour Yoga Teaching Training in 2019 (Yoga Centre, Bermuda) I've embedded this practice of yoga in my everyday life by staying connected with my inner peace and keeping attuned to my heart. 

Studies  show that Yoga improves one's flexibility, strength, balance & posture. It also provides amazing benefits to calm the mind to relieve stress & anxiety and improve overall wellness.

My practice has expanded from providing classes in my yard for friends & family to attaining the honor as the resident yoga instructor at The National Museum Bermuda offering yoga to the community. I've also guided free yoga sessions to employees & clients  at Bermuda Hospitals Board and zoom classes to local & overseas residents. 

My classes cater to EVERYBODY regardless of race, gender, shape, size or abilities! I love to INSPIRE people to embrace their individuality and 'show up" as they are...

Get in touch with me today to learn how INSPIRE YOGA LISA can help you.


Inspire Yoga Offerings

Welcome to Inspire Yoga Lisa, where I am dedicated to helping my yogis achieve their wellness goals through the practice of yoga. I am passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga with our community, and my class provides a supportive and welcoming environment for all. I offer a variety of classes for most levels utilizing the HATHA yoga style. 

In 2024, I am collaborating with Shanell Vaughn to offer an enchanting Pink Moon & Sound Bath yoga experience at the Commissioners Porch of the National Museum Bermuda! Check my booking page to learn more! 



Yoga Style

My practice is based on the HATHA YOGA principles of focusing on the breath, movement, rest, and mind.


Yoga in Nature

One of the benefits of coming to my classes is that majority are held outdoors in nature. Because we live on an island surrounded by turquoise oceans, blue skies and captivating backdrops, we are able to move between historical environments of both Fort Scaur and National Museum Bermuda  Sandy's.


Join me today and experience the transformative power of yoga!

I invite you to explore the possibilities of yoga and to experience a sense of community where participants join a supportive safe network of connected energy!

I'd love to hear from you!

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